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Renters are Choosy

If you’re considering leasing your home and you’re ready to put it on the market, you might have thought a potential renter won’t mind if the paint is peeling a bit or if the hardwood floors are scratched and old. But, in addition to the location of your home and it being priced correctly, your home’s condition and how well it shows are very important factors in renting it quickly and getting a great tenant. Renters have much more sophisticated tastes today, as many are coming from nice homes and upgraded apartments. The better the condition your home, the more likely you will attract a tenant who will appreciate this and will care for it as if it’s their own. A fresh coat of paint does wonders, especially if it is peeling or cracking on the outside or inside. So, go ahead and repaint that hot pink child’s room that looked so lovely with your daughter’s furniture or the blue dining room that set off your china set so well, with neutral colors that will compliment what potential renters own. If your bathrooms and kitchens are outdated and it’s in your budget, replace the countertops and/or paint the cabinetry and add new hardware. Installing new light fixtures will go a long way as well.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to finding the perfect family to rent your home!

Leigh Ann is a Real Estate Consultant & Property Manager.

4th generation to the company, Open Doors is run by our very own Nicole Cosentino. Follow along for great tips, design inspiration and to see how we are transforming Atlanta one home at a time. 

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